A hint about the Company:

MOPCO, one of the petroleum sector companies, founded in July 26, 1998 according to rules and provisions of the law of Investment guaranties and incentives number 8 issued in 1997 inside the free zone in Damietta on a space that is 400.000 meters square allocated for MOPCO project and the future expansions. This project produces Urea as a main product.
Work in MOPCO project expansion is underway after obtaining a finance that is (1.050) Billion Dollars from the national and international banks although the recent economic conditions within Ouda German company as well as Petroget company to set up two units for producing Ammonia of capacity that is (2400)
tons per day as well as two units for producing Urea of capacity that is (3900) tons per day. The investment cost of this huge project is about (1.7) Billion Dollars in order that the production capacity will be (2) million tons per year. The year 2009 is the first year of production after the initial production tests that began in June, 2008 as the granular Urea is the main product of the company as the daily production is (2000) tons per day within using the natural gas as a raw material used in the project.

Shareholders structure
The legal form of the company

The company is founded in July 26, 1998 according to rules of the investment guaranties and incentives law number (8) in 1997. The term of the company is 25 years.

Capital of the company
The licensed capital 2040000000 Egyptian Pounds
The original capital 1992323760 Egyptian pounds
Total investments
First production line 400 Million Dollars
Underway expansions 1700 million dollars
The site of the Company

The company is located inside the free zoon in Damietta on a space that is (400.000) meters square allocated for MOPOCO project for fertilizers and the future expansions.

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