Environment Protection

·        Renewal of the Environmental Management Systems Certification (ISO 14001: 2015)          Which was done by Bureau Veritas auditors as a culmination of the efforts made by the employees of the Environmental Protection Department of the company over the life of the factory.

Human Resources and Administrative Affairs

 The company’s policy is characterized by having a reference inspired by the Egyptian constitution and labor law, as well as basic international references such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization and the standards of social responsibility, which considers human diversity as the source of value in the company.Man power One of the most important support for our capabilities is the attention to human resources because of their major and effective role in achieving the company's goals. The company's success is based on the skills and experiences of its employees, as the company is keen on distinguished team work and always strives to raise the performance of its employees.Training and human resource development The company's management pays special attention to training to meet the current and expected training needs to effectively contribute to the preparation of the company's human resources with the aim of continuous development of the most important resource of the company to improve performance in all areas to achieve the goals and mission of the company. To achieve this, the Human Resources Development Sector has implemented many training programs in Several fields (administrative programs - technical programs - safety and environmental protection programs - security programs - communication and information technology programs - human rights programs - public relations programs and the art of dealing with the public) and others. The Human Resources...

Public Relations and Government Communications

The public relations of Misr Fertilizers Production Company "MOPCO" is of great importance to the company as correct internal relations are what create acquaintance, and harmony between workers themselves, also between workers and the top management of the company. In effect, the employees work with a team spirit, and honest competition, resulting in production increase, and devotion of all their time and effort to achieve higher goals serving the company with all sincerity, loyalty and dedication.The human side in "MOPCO" company prevails over the work of public relations, and this adds more ethical values ​​and social responsibility to the company. And to achieve its expected role and sustainable development policy and its expected participation in the development of local communities that are in dire need of the participation of all service and productive sectors and their effective contribution to their development and development.From this standpoint, the Misr Company for Fertilizer Production "MOPCO" is keen to deepen the social ties between the employees and their families, so that the company provides many services that support these links, as follows:Social services such as trips and resorts provided to workers.Organizing leisure trips and day trips.

MOPCO Governance Program

The corporate governance in MOPCO is the system that governs the making and implementation of the company's decisions to achieve it's goals, and MOPCO considers it the means to increase its ability to act in a socially responsible manner regarding other pivotal issues.Therefore, MOPCO has consistently maintained that governance is based on integrating the principles of social responsibility in decision-making and implementation. These principles are accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the interests of the parties concerned, respect for the rule of law in the decision-making and implementation process, respect for international standards of behavior, and respect for human rights.The principles of governance and responsibility in the company are translated into a practical structure that is subject to constant monitoring and modernization, which provides a clear overall picture in terms of the contribution to capital, organizational structures, delegation of powers, environmental standards, operating processes, and procedures that are taken.MOPCO's corporate governance program pro...

For the Outer Community

The company made several contributions to the Damietta community in different forms, including:·    Scientific and training contributions from developing schools, cooperation protocols with universities, training graduates, and conducting field visits to many schools and universities.

For the Internal Community

The company represented by the General Administration of Public Relations and Government Communications provides many services such as:·        Contribution in the C...

General Policy for Sustainable Development

·   MOPCO adopts and supports the core values ​​of responsibility, integrity, efficiency, innovation and diversity, which serve as the guide to its daily activities.

Occupational Health and Safety

Based on the company's management's keenness towards occupational safety, health and environmental protection, to always maintain its place in the ranks of distinguished companies with a global reputation. It was the keenness to work diligently and sincere cooperation among work teams from different departments in order to continue the company's eligibility for international certificates in occupational safety and health management systems, environmental protection and total quality.Moreover, by encouraging